Most effective form of security awareness training.

Unlike traditional training programs, users learn in real-time on actual attacks.


Sublime Threat Dashboard

Instant remediation with one click. Never say "download the original message" again.


Stop Attacks That Gateways Miss

Business Email Compromise (Whaling)

Impersonation of a CEO, CFO, or trusted individual.

Spear Phishing

Targeted attacks with no malicious payload and URLs that aren't on any blacklists.

Document Macros

Macros within Office documents can be obfuscated and easily let through.

Domain Similarity Attacks

Domain name misspellings and homoglyphs.

Brand Impersonation

Impersonating well-known brands with like-kind domain names, content, and brand logos.

Zero Day Phishing Attacks

New attack vectors that exploit email clients, file types, or human trust.

Compatible with your stack

Sublime is compatible with all major SEGs and simulated phishing tools.


Seamless Setup with OAuth. No mail routing changes.

Why Customers Love Sublime

Sublime aligned with my goal of arming the sheep instead of fighting the wolves, teaching employees to protect themselves rather than extending the email gateway security Maginot Line.